Amplify Live Experience 2017 
August 11-13, 2017 at the Las Vegas SLS Hotel & Casino
The 3-Step Process To Make Money 
From Your Message
Rather than taking years to learn how to make money from your message, we've collapsed decades of powerful, practical know-how into a powerful 3-day event.

Our Gold Standard Live Event - Amplify Live is where you will meet with hundreds of other entrepreneurs and business owners just like you who are taking their message - and their lives - to the next level. This is the perfect way to 10x your growth and your progress… so you can get into the hearts and minds of countless others faster (and easier) than you imagined - and get paid handsomely to do it!

(Plus, you’ll even make valuable connections and gain the support you need along the way!) 


Waking up every day and making a tremendous positive impact. Doing what you LOVE to do, and getting paid very well to do it.  

Well, now you can! Let us show you how...

What Makes AMPLIFY LIVE So Ahhh-mazing?
  • What To Expect At Amplify Live
  • Testimonials From Amplify Live Attendees
This Year's Rockstar Speakers
Lewis Howes

LEWIS HOWES is a New York Times Bestselling author of the hit book, The School of Greatness. He is a lifestyle entrepreneur, high performance business coach and keynote speaker. He hosts a top 100 podcast in the world, The School of Greatness, which has over 35 million downloads since it launched in 2013. He was recognized by The White House and President Obama as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs in the country under 30.
Pete Vargas

 Stage whisperer as he is known. His company and team have  booked over 25,000 stages over the last 14 years and shows you the exact strategies on how you can book your dream stages to grow your business
Russel Brunson

 Over the past 10 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.
David Bayer

A leading expert on mindset. David is the creator of The Powerful Living Experience and the Mind Hack Program. His approach to mindset is like NOTHING you’ve ever seen (he had Keith in tears the first time he heard him speak) which is why Keith had to have him at Amplify.
Jennifer R Hudye

Jennifer R Hudye is known for being the copywriting/ marketing expert to the top influencers in the online expert industry, writing the copy for 6 and 7 figure launches. She's worked with some of the biggest names in the online expert industry including Dean Graziosi, Joe Polish, Bedros Keuilian, Sally Hogshead, Bulletproof Coffee, New Peaks and Keith Yackey! 
Russ Ruffino

A leading figure on how to do get High Ticket Clients on Demand. Truly world class at what he does and will show you the step by step process on exactly how he does it.
If you are wanting to take your business to 6 figures a month this guy will show you how.
Marc Von Musser

"The best sales guy I have ever heard in my entire life, Marc is truly a gem and his system for selling is unlike anything I have ever seen. Most sales people make you feel dirty after talking with them, Marc makes you feel more clean!" - Keith Yackey
Bryan Dulaney

The traffic and funnel expert behind many 7 and 8 figure brands that you probably have heard of.
Having been in the game for over 10 years he has seen a lot of people come and go and he knows what works.  He teaches in depth about driving specific traffic to your own offers on a consistent basis.
Shaa Wasmund

Her mission is to help as many of you as possible take action to build businesses you love running and live a life on your terms while being 100% authentically YOU.
And Believe it or NOT she used to Manage 2 World Champ boxers.  She is super fun!
Mark Lack

Mark Lack is the best-selling author of “Shorten The Gap” and TV host of Business Rockstars whose interviewed over 1,000 successful entrepreneurs ranging from millionaires to billionaires. INC Magazine ranks Mark Lack as one of the Top Personal Branding Experts to Follow. 
Chris Smith

Known as One of the country’s hottest business culture and story expert, Chris is paid multiple six figures to go into a single company and help them with their story and their brand. Wait until you see what he does with a live attendee in just 5 minutes to turn their business story around.
What To Expect At Our Live Event
  • Three days full of hands on strategies, in-depth understanding, the best practices, and the most cutting-edge technologies that we use today to make money from your own message both online and offline (no “techie” experience required!).
  • When you come to the Amplify Live event, you never know which big name of the internet will pop in. Keith attracts the “Who’s Who” of the industry and YOU will be the beneficiary of his close ties to the best.
Testimonials From Amplify Live


  • Preferred Seating Up Front
  • Lunch with Keith and Speakers
  • Picture with Keith and Other Speakers
  • Network with other VIPs

  • Preferred Seating Up Front
  • Lunch with Keith and Speakers
  • Picture with Keith and Other Speakers
  • Network with other VIPs
  • Private Party with Keith and Speakers
  • Keith's Success Driver Course (Valued at 5K)
Registration fee does not include hotel accommodations.  Have questions? (800) 845-8138
Got Questions? We've Got Answers!
Have questions? Call (800) 845-8138
August 11-13, 2017 at the Las Vegas SLS Hotel & Casino
  • What if I don’t have a business yet? Will this help me figure out what business to start? - Yes, this could be the most critical decision you'll ever make. Starting a business takes a lot of time, effort and energy... and you want to ensure you make the right decision here. This is what Amplify is all about.
  • Will Amplify Live work for me? I’ve joined other programs and they didn’t do anything. How is this different? - Our success rate is very high due to the fact that we're very hands-on. We pride ourselves on giving practical, actionable steps that you can put in play right away.
  • Will I actually get to connect with Keith and the speakers - Yes, Keith and all the speakers are very accessible in the main sessions, and we'll be holding a private lunch for those who sign up for VIP.
  • I have a product-based business—can Amplify Live help me? - Of course, this is the one place you want to be if that's the case. Keith's first online business was selling a product.
  • What if I’m more advanced and already have my own list, etc.? - That's awesome, we're happy to have you... and you'll learn tons from those at the top of their industries.
  • What if I’m not ready now? Will you be offering Amplify Live again in a few months? - We only have this event scheduled with this lineup of speakers. Truth be told, this will probably be the greatest event in the history of mankind. Do not miss it.
  • I work with a business partner. Can we take the course together? - We highly encourage you to bring your business or life partner. Those who are most successful, travel together. For accountability sake, bring your partner. But if they can't make it, you need to get here anyway. 
  • What if I don’t like Amplify Live? Do you have a refund policy? - 1000 percent. If you don't think this is the best event ever, ask for your money back.
  • Is there an Amplify discount at the SLS Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas? - No there is not since there are so many hotels and Air BnB's near by.
1000% Satisfaction Guarantee
This event is guaranteed to WOW you and support you massively. But if you do not feel this was the best event you've ever been to – simply ask for your money back and you'll get a refund on the spot. We've never had to give one yet.

Amplify Live is for action-takers committed to implementing proven tactics into their daily workflow – not for the tire-kickers only interested in collecting more information and chasing the latest shiny object. I KNOW you are one of those action-takers, and I cannot wait to work together.  
~Keith Yackey
What You Get As VIP
  • Preferred Seating - We open the doors 15 mins. early so you can get up close and personal seating near the front.
  • Network Opportunities - You will be around those who take their business as serious as you do with some great JV connections.  Many partners have met at Amplify in the VIP area.
  • And So Much More...
What You Get With All Access
  • Private Party - All the same as VIP but you get to do a special party with Keith and the Speakers.  Very exclusive and capped at a certain number.
  • Private Course from Keith - Keith's Success Driver Series is a 5 Module Digital course that has sold for 5K in the past and is some of Keith's personal best content on growing your business.  
  • And So Much More... Like personal email access to Keith 30 days after the event.  Yes his personal email that he responds to.
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